Leather Cleaning


Leather furniture adds an elegant touch to any home. The superior comfort and durability of leather makes it a great choice for homeowners seeking an alternative to upholstered furniture. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what kinds of cleaning solutions are safe to use on your leather furniture. With so many different kinds of leather it would be easy to get the wrong kind of cleaner and accidentally ruin your expensive furniture.

While leather is incredibly durable, wear and tear on leather furniture is extremely noticeable. It’s important to get professional cleaning and maintenance for your furniture to keep it looking its best for years to come.


Risks to your Leather


There are a whole host of things that can diminish the appearance of your leather furniture. The most common offenders are body oils, perspiration, and acids from your skin. Over time these factors along with regular use can cause dark spots, stains, and other blemishes on your leather.

Here are some of the most common factors that can keep your leather furniture from looking its best:

  • Grease and Oils – Body oils from people and pets are probably the most common staining agents for leather furniture, because naturally your skin is going to come in contact with your furniture when you sit on it. These oils can seep into your leather and cause damage to your furniture’s protective finish.
  • Common Soils – There are plenty of common outdoor soils including dirt, sand, and other plant fibers that get tracked into the home by people and pets. When they come in contact with your leather furniture they can attach to the surface and create dark spots and stains.
  • Atmospheric Soils – Dust particles from the air and other invisible air pollutants can settle on your couch and cause damage to your furniture that may not be noticeable at first, but will build up over the years.
  • Inks and Dyes – Ink from a newspaper, or dyes in your clothing can also be transferred to your leather furniture and cause staining that can be incredibly difficult to remove without damaging the surface of your leather.


Luckily the cleaning professionals at All Pro Chem-Dry are specifically trained to handle all types of leather. With our specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, we can get the stains out of any sort of leather furniture!


The Chem-Dry Process


When you call All Pro Chem-Dry to clean your leather furniture, you’re getting the very best cleaning that Colorado has to offer. Our certified leather specialists will identify exactly what type of leather your furniture is made of and select the correct kind of cleaning solution to remove soil buildup and stains from your specific leather.

In addition to dealing with stains and dark spots that have worked their way into your furniture, we can also address any problems arising from nicks or scrapes on your leather. Over the years, your furniture is bound to show some cracking or get some scrapes from regular use, and our technicians are trained to help restore the natural luster of your leather furniture.

We recommend getting your leather furniture cleaned anywhere between 2 to 4 times a year, depending on the age of the furniture and how much use it sees on a daily basis. You can maintain the health and beauty of your leather furniture by applying Chem-Dry’s Soft Cleaner and Protection Cream in between cleanings.

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